More than 12 years of experience in big multinational firms, mainly in Beauty and Lifestyle industries, before starting the new entrepreneurial adventure with Consulting, founded in 2021.

M as a recurring letter in my whole life, from my childhood to my professional career.
M like Minozzi, M like Milano, M like Master, M like Marketing, M like Management, M like Market…

But, first of all, M like ME, with the full luggage of experiences and competencies that I collected over the years.

The NET as another constant: the Internet network, the network of contacts, the network of projects, the network of ideas… it’s all a continuous connection.

That’s why

Born and raised in the as crazy as marvelous Marketing world, Elena has collected more than 12 years of experience in big multinational companies, mainly in Beauty and Lifestyle industries, before jumping into my new adventure with Consulting.

Elena’s approach to marketing is a true passion: she loves staying up to date, studying new trends, monitoring best (or worst) practices and taking inspirations from her daily life, often putting herself in the shoes of the final consumer.

Her curiosity does not stop to the business area.

Fond of travels, writing and photography, in 2013 she founded her Travel blog Just Me and The Cities, that she keeps on updating on a regular basis with the storytelling of her recent experiences and discoveries.

May it be a light travel tip or a structured marketing consultancy, nothing stimulates her more than a new project, where she can offer useful advices and, in the meantime, enrich her experience and knowledge.

As she repeats to herself and her team every single morning:

“Everyday is a good day to learn something new.”


50% Marketing Consultant.

With a true passion for numbers, Excel files, reports, strategic analysis and last minute problem solving.

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50% Travel Blogger.

Fond of anything and eager to transform that anything in new stories, contents and projects.