40 30 30 Healthy Kitchen

Category: Food
October 2021 – Ongoing

403030 Healthy Kitchen is the new restaurant format launched by Mariella Radici – an entrepreneur from Bergamo- who recently opened in the shadow of the skyscrapers in Milan’s Porta Nuova district, after a one-year trial run in ghost kitchen with delivery.

The restaurant is committed to promoting wellness through a balanced approach to food and lifestyle. 403030’s menus are designed following the proportions 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, 30% fat, but all guarantee satisfaction for the palate and the eyes. With a welcoming yet colorful and irreverent atmosphere, 403030 Healthy Kitchen is the ideal place for those who wish to combine the pleasure of food with a focus on all-around health and wellness.


  • Brand awareness: raise awareness of 403030’s innovative format and new opening, particularly pushing the Sunday brunch formula.
  • Brand positioning: make 403030 known within the Milanese Healthy dining scene, leveraging the unique factors of its offerings.
  • Drive to store: drive more and more people to visit the new location during different consumption occasions (especially Sunday brunch) and, satisfied, recommend it to their contacts and have a desire to return there themselves.


  • Design of a 360° plan around the launch of the new brunch formula, with both online and offline touchpoints.
  • Complete Event Management for the realization of no.4 events dedicated to influencers and community.
  • Coordination of all external vendors involved (ie. shooting, branded giveaway, graphics, printed materials).
  • Digital PR and Social PR activities.