Bellezza Italiana

January - March 2024

Bellezza Italiana is a Made in Italy cosmetics brand based on solid ethics, innovation and a rigorous scientific basis. It offers a wide range of products for the face and body, designed for the preparation of the skin and the treatment of blemishes and signs of aging, both in professional environments and for home use.


  • Brand positioning: reorganize brand communication in order to guarantee a premium positioning in Italy, a starting point for then establishing itself in the foreign B2B aesthetic market


  • Initial strategic consultancy (market analysis, competitors, target consumer, offer, positioning)
  • Identification of key messages to be valorised;
  • Drafting of a Marketing Roadmap document containing indications on the strategic direction to be taken at a marketing and communication level;
  • Construction of the annual Marketing Plan proposal with definition of the necessary resources and the related budget;
  • Planning of Marketing and Communication activities identified as priorities;
  • Drafting of a Social Media Strategy document containing guidelines for subsequent internal management by the client.