Bonnie Beauty

Category: Beauty
October 2021 – December 2021

Bonnie Beauty offers customized skincare products, formulated specifically for each individual based on an online test that uses an algorithm to identify the perfect combination of ingredients for each skin.


  • Brand awareness: get the word out about the new brand and the uniqueness of Bonnie Beauty products.
  • Brand positioning: becoming “top of mind” when thinking about a customized, pharmaceutically formulated, quality skincare product with guaranteed efficacy.
  • Community building: engaging the right target audience and creating an increasingly populated referral community.
  • Lead generation: getting the right target audience to try the product, remain satisfied with it, and repurchase it.
  • Optimization: building a business model and structure to support business growth.


  • Initial strategic consulting (market analysis, competitors, target consumer, product offering).
  • Identification of key messages to be enhanced.
  • Drafting of a Marketing Roadmap document containing guidance on the strategic direction to be taken at the level of marketing and communication.
  • Creative Direction for the development of a new Brand Identity consistent across all channels and materials.
  • Coordination of teams working on 3 main sites:
    • Social Media;
    • Business Plan;
    • Organizational Structure.






The path undertaken with Bonnie Beauty is part of the Sogno fuori dal Cassetto project of Girls Restart, the start-up where female professionals from different fields donate their time and expertise to help other women’s entrepreneurial dream.

Elena was the Team Leader who, with the support of a working team of valuable professionals in different complementary fields, helped Bonnie Beauty in the development of the Brand Identity, Business Plan and Marketing Plan.

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