Category: Beauty
November 2021 – December 2022

IandO is a new beauty brand that espouses an IN and OUT concept of beauty.
The brand’s mission is to nurture every woman’s natural beauty from within and nourish it from without through simple, effective, high-quality ingredients.


  • Brand awareness: create and then increase brand awareness among the target audience by leveraging mainly digital channels.
  • Brand positioning: become “top of mind” when thinking about beauty inside and out and quality skincare/bodycare products and supplements.
  • Community building: build a community of women who share adherence to the brand’s core values and can exchange trusted advice.


  • Initial strategic consulting (analysis of market, competitors, target consumer, offer, positioning).
  • Identification of key messages to be conveyed at launch.
  • Drafting of a Marketing Roadmap document containing. guidance on the strategic direction to be taken at the marketing and communication level.
  • Construction of the proposed annual Marketing Plan with definition of the necessary resources and related budget.
  • Creative Direction for the development of a new consistent Brand Identity across all channels and materials.
  • Planning of Marketing and Communication activities identified as priorities.
  • Coordination of their implementation, with particular focus on everything related to:
    • Social media Strategy;
    • Shooting and Content Creation;
    • Social Media Management;
    • Website / E -commerce / Newsletter;
    • Digital PR;
    • Merchandising;
    • Events.
  • Complete management of budget allocated on marketing activities.
  • Dynamic monitoring of results.