Lab Quarantadue

Category: Beauty
December 2022 – Ongoing

Lab Quarantadue is a private health care organization that focuses on prevention, nutrition and aesthetic medicine from a multidisciplinary care perspective. It is founded on the philosophy of comprehensive care of the person, thanks to the presence of a scientific medical team totally dedicated to the individual case. The medical equipe works in synergy, everything happens in one place and with one medical record. The pathway is unique and personalized.


  • Brand awareness: ensuring complete and correct awareness of Lab Quarantadue and its services beyond the current landscape of repeat buyers.
  • Brand positioning: become “top of mind” not only when thinking of a referral center for slimming but also when looking for aesthetic medicine services. Communicate professionalism and services offered effectively.
  • Lead generation: Getting more and more key stakeholders to turn to Lab Quarantadue for the different types of services offered, reaching not only the current target customers but also a new slice of the market.


  • Initial strategic consulting (analysis of market, competitors, target consumer, offer, positioning).
  • Identification of key messages to be enhanced.
  • Drafting of a Marketing Roadmap document containing indications of the strategic direction to be taken at the marketing and communication level.
  • Construction of the proposed annual Marketing Plan with definition of the necessary resources and related budget.
  • Planning of Marketing and Communication activities identified as priorities.
  • Supervision for the development of a new consistent Brand Identity across all channels and materials.
  • Coordination of their implementation, with particular focus on everything related to:
    • Social media Strategy;
    • Shooting and Content Creation;
    • Social Media Management;
    • Website / Newsletter;
    • Digital PR;
    • Merchandising;
    • Events;
    • Co-marketing.
  • Complete management of budget allocated on marketing activities.
  • Dynamic monitoring of results.