Febbraio 2024 - Ongoing
Pro Loco Paullo is the home of Carnaroli rice.
The company is active in the organization of various local events aimed at promoting the Lombardy region and its products. The main event is the SorRISO di GUSTO which takes place every year in mid-June for three days in the suggestive location of Parco Muzza and involves the best realities of the area.


  • Brand Awareness: increasing awareness of the initiatives organized (with particular focus on the Rice Festival in June), beyond the current panorama and reaching an increasingly larger population of Milan, leveraging different types of communication channels;
  • Brand Positioning: becoming «top of mind» not only when you think of a reference center for weight loss but also when you think of local initiatives of value for the area around Milan;
  • Lead Generation: ensure that more and more people are encouraged to visit the organized events and become spokespersons for these subsequent initiatives.


  • Initial strategic consultancy (market analysis, competitors, target consumer, offer, positioning);
  • Identification of the key messages to convey during the launch phase;
  • Drafting of a Marketing Roadmap document containing indications on the strategic direction to be taken at a marketing and communication level;
  • Construction of the annual Marketing Plan proposal with definition of the necessary resources and the related budget;
  • Planning of Marketing and Communication activities identified as priorities;
  • Coordination of their implementation, with particular focus on everything relating to:
    • Social Media strategy;
    • Shooting e Content Creation
    • Social Media Management;
    • Sito Web;
    • Digital PR;
    • Merchandising;
    • Eventi;
    • Co-marketing;
  • Complete management of the budget allocated to marketing activities;
  • Constant monitoring of results.