Category: Beauty
December 2021 - January 2022

P U R O P H I, an acronym for Pure Organic Philosophy, was born out of a desire to explore new and potential synergies between the organic and inorganic worlds, technology and physiology, science and nature.
P U R O P H I shows a new approach to traditional organic cosmetics and offers high-performance and efficient formulations that are in better balance with the Earth’s ecosystem without elements harmful to the skin and the planet.


  • Brand Awareness: increasing brand awareness among the target audience by leveraging mainly digital channels.
  • Brand Positioning: becoming “top of mind” when thinking about a quality, reliable, effective and sustainable beauty brand.
  • Optimization: focus your investments on opportunities to maximize effectiveness.
  • Business Growth: growing sales in Italy both organically and through contacts with new clients.


  • Initial strategic consulting (market analysis, competitors, target consumer, product offering).
  • Identification of key messages to be enhanced.
  • Drafting of a Marketing Roadmap document containing guidance on the strategic direction to be taken in dimarketing and communication.
  • Drafting of a Social Media Strategy document containing guidelines for subsequent internal management by the client.