Savini Tartufi

Category: Food
October 2021 - March 2022

With almost a century of activity behind them, and thanks to the passion of four generations of truffle hunters, the Savini family has built a success story linked to the world of truffles, which has led to what is now a strong and solid company, an excellence of Made in Italy in more than 40 countries.

The approach that distinguishes Savini Tartufi is the strong bond that remains with ancient values and the desire to make truffles known and appreciated to different audiences and in different locations and cities, at all times of the year.


  • Create awareness around the unique story of Savini Tartufi, and more generally the fascinating world of truffles, untying it from the main clichés associated with it.
  • Develop a new, anti-conventional format to tell its story to a diverse target audience in a cross-cultural way.


  • Digital PR and Social PR activities (seeding, one to one, experience).
  • Complete Event Management for the realization of a Truffle Experience dedicated to influencers.
  • Strategic consulting for the development of a new format with both online and offline activations related to the new Truffle Academy.
  • Coordination of all external vendors involved (ie. shooting, branded giveaways, printed materials).
  • Networking activities to engage partners and develop Co-marketing initiatives.