Vanni Gourmet

Category: Food
February 2024 - Ongoing

Vanni Gourmet offers high-level Personal Chef services.
The main business concerns private homes, although the demand for the Catering service is also growing.
Furthermore, in mid-2023,  Kitchen Lab has been inaugurated: the chef welcomes guests into his “home” that can host a private lunch or dinner for up to 16 people from the same group.


  • Brand Awareness: increasing the awareness of Vanni Gourmet as a Personal chef and of Kitchen Lab as a location for organizing a private dinner, beyond the current Brescia public and with further channels additional than those activated so far.
  • Brand Positioning: becoming «top of mind» when you envision the possibility of organizing high-level dinners with a personal chef accustomed to serving a premium clientele
  • Lead Generation: ensuring that more and more people are encouraged to turn to Vanni Gourmet for its Personal Chef  or Private Catering services, with the medium/long-term objective of scaling the business with multiple chefs under the brand.


  • Initial strategic consultancy (market analysis, competitors, target consumer, offer, positioning);
  • Identification of the key messages to convey during the launch phase;
  • Drafting of a Marketing Roadmap document containing indications on the strategic direction to be taken at a marketing and communication level;
  • Construction of the annual Marketing Plan proposal with definition of the necessary resources and the related budget;
  • Planning of Marketing and Communication activities identified as priorities;
  • Coordination of their implementation, with particular focus on everything relating to:
    • Social Media strategy;
    • Shooting e Content Creation
    • Social Media Management;
    • Sito Web;
    • Digital PR;
    • Merchandising;
    • Eventi;
    • Co-marketing;
  • Complete management of the budget allocated to marketing activities;
  • Constant monitoring of results.