From the initial diagnosis, with the live meeting and the identification of the editorial areas to build the storytelling on, to the marketing roadmap, up to the management of suggested marketing activities, including the dynamic monitoring of results.

That’s the Marketing Journey we suggest, a path to walk together, step by step.



In order to fully understand how to best support a potential client, we think there’s nothing better than LIVE IN FIRST PERSON the concerned reality. Only by experiencing it, and knowing people working there, it’s possible to understand its strengths and weaknesses and notice aspects that are often left out by who sees them every day.


In a more and more crowded competitive arena, STORYTELLING is essential to make a difference. We always try to create an involving story to convey the uniqueness of a client and leverage on our channels and other platforms we collaborate with in order to start to tell the experience lived.


Any activity, if taken by itself, risks to translate into a loss of time and resources if not contextualized first.
That’s the reason why we always prefer to start with a STRATEGY CONSULTANCY, bearing clear in mind the initial situation and the final objectives that one wants to achieve and studying the arena we are starting to move in. This allows shedding light on the right direction where to move forward and the easiest path to take.


Once suggested the walkable alternatives, our support may continue with the phase of COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT: first we agree with the clients the marketing activities to focus on, then we follow in detail their coordination and execution, with the help of our network of contacts.


Things change day after day and it’s more and more important to analyze data continuously, in order to understand, not only at the end, but already during the journey, whether results are in line with expectations, elaborate useful key learnings and, if needed, readjust the roadmap. That’s the reason why we talk about DYNAMIC MONITORING.

Nonetheless it’s first of all our journey and a concrete journey, thus flexible and adjustable according to the budget availability and the current needs of each client.

Nothing forbids to walk side by side from the middle of the path or just for a part of it, even stay together only for the initial stretch, the most insidious one, for the identification of the right direction.

The key point is to start knowing each other and identify the opportunity that any encounter may bring with it.