.net is born with the purpose of putting together my skills and knowledge, as a result of my marketing and sales experience in big companies, the simultaneous management of my travel blog and my innate curiosity, and the strong network I have built over the years. The objective is that of offering a 360 degrees consultancy, flexible and customized, which may help the client in readapting his own strategy to current and future challenges and catch new opportunities with the optimization of costs and results.

From the diagnostics of the initial situation to the definition of a new strategic roadmap, till the support in the implementation of marketing activities and the dynamic monitoring of results.

This is the arketing journey I would like to start with each client, moving step by step and side by side. It’s going to be our journey and a concrete journey.

WHAT DO I MEAN WITH our journey

our journey

– Being first of all a travel companion

– Building a direct and transparent relationship with the client, moving side by side and talking the same language

– Putting myself in the shoes of both the client and the consumer

– Experiencing each project first-hand, with the passion and enthusiasm that have always been part of my Dna.

WHAT DO I MEAN WITH concrete journey

concrete journey

– Understanding the objectives and the available budget

– Proposing concrete activities, to be quickly implemented in a flexible way

– Aiming at resource optimization and result maximization

Leveraging on the network of connections in order to take advantage of synergies with best professionals in each field and competitive costs